Predecessor Assets and Effects

These are a few of the effects assets I've created for the game Predecessor. Please note, not all of the effects I've created are present. Most are obsolete and were created in 2019 while Niagara was in a very early beta stage and wasn't officially released. But, these assets provide an example of my visual effects experience.

Created portal wall in the game Predecessor. This was created using After Effects and used as a texture inside UE4.

Created fire beams using Niagara and EmberGen.

First core design draft. Created by Eldridge Felder as a test. Used 3ds Max and animated inside UE4, via Blueprints. Effects are UE4 - Niagara. This was not the final design.

Created "Ground Freeze" effect using Niagara.

Testing health boost effect using Niagara in UE4 for Predecessor.

Early tower defense design. Created this using 3ds Max and UE4.